Every time I have sex with my girlfriend, my penis hurts for hours afterward. | Sexual Health

It's not necessarily unusual to find a guy for you to possess a sore penis after sex, and there can easily be considered a quantity of items that cause it. With Regard To example, perhaps your spouse is not well lubricated, and the roughness of rubbing against her or even his cavity irritates your current penis. another alternative is the very fact that you might be indulging within really vigorous, physical sex; just as muscle tissue sometimes really feel sore following an excellent workout, so could your penis feel sore after an excellent sex session. If your soreness is actually unaccustomed by a rash, swelling, etc. it will be usually because of to always be able to among these aforementioned factors. My advice? When lubrication is surely an answer, allow your spouse either acquire more by natural means lubricated or utilize a lubrication. In case just overactive sex, calm it down the bit. Throughout both case, help make sure that applying any penis vitamin cream (health spec ialists recommend Man1 Man Oil) for your penis can be a part of your daily routine. Appear for just one using acetyl L-carnitine to assist repair just about any penile nerve damage in which you may well be encountering (especially together with lengthy as well as athletic sex) and together with L-arginine to help along with blood flow.


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